Monday, June 10, 2013

Only At The Regency Kuwait

If ever you are staying in Kuwait for a vacation or a business trip, only the Regency Kuwait can provide you the most cultured and classic accommodations that Kuwait is known for. Popular for its elegance, the regency’s staff can offer you the best of their amenities and services. They will surely keep you relaxed and make your stay in Kuwait unforgettable.

the Regency Kuwait has the best view for your relaxation and comfort. Whoever you may be with or even when you are alone, you can enjoy the view of the ocean on any terrace of the hotel. They recommend having their High Tea which will surely make you feel at home and healthy at the same time. Or you can just sit and drink your freshly brewed coffee as you let the breeze of the ocean wash over you.

They also have places in which you can mingle with other people staying in the Regency Kuwait. Guests are assured of comfort and the best accommodations. They have lounges, vistas, and three swimming pools that any of you can have access to, anytime of the day. But, in spite of the modern accommodations, they still follow the traditional culture that Kuwait is known for. Men are asked to wear only conservative swimwear once you are out in the pool, following the Sharia ethics of Kuwait.

The ladies’ lounge is one of a kind in Kuwait. Females can enjoy their time alone with their girl friends without their male friends bothering them. Whether it is the pool, the beach, or any of the vistas and lounges, the ladies are welcome to make use of it without being bothered by any man.

Keeping your body in shape will never be a problem again during your stay. They just recently updated their amenities that fitness junkies will surely love. Just last May 2013, they installed a fitness center – all for your body’s well-being. It is complete with the most modern gym equipment which will surely keep you in shape. In addition, they also have a studio where you may be able to dance your feet off all you want.

Moreover, the Regency is also known for the best room accommodations in all of Kuwait. They will never have any shortage of rooms. They have 203 rooms available for their guests to stay in. Among those rooms, 53 are suite rooms.

Business meetings will never be a problem in the Regency with the abundance of space that they can provide; it is the largest in the whole nation. Food will be provided if you want it as well. The Regency is well known for the quality of food. It is flexible to any kind of cultural modifications. Rest assured that they will have you covered.

Whatever you are looking for, be it a luxury or a commodity, the Regency Kuwait has you covered. From different accommodations to varied services, it surely will be an experience that you will remember all throughout your life.

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